Kruger National Park

Buffalo Of Africa

  1. The African buffalo can grow as large as 6.8 to 11 feet in length (2 – 3 Meters), 3.2 to 5.6 in height (1- 1.7 Meters) and weight between 660 to 1900 pounds (300 – 860 kg).
  2. The African buffalo is four times stronger that an ox.
  3. Buffalo twin calves are extremely rare to come by.
  4. Mating season for African buffalos takes place between March and May and the pregnancy lasts approximately eleven and a half months.
  5. An old folklore states that the tongue of an African buffalo can lick a man’s skin off; their tongues are in fact smooth and capable of no such thing.
  6. White buffalos are no myth, they do exist but there are scarcely any.
  7. Buffalo are skilled swimmers and can cross deep waters if they need to.
  8. They are known to kill lions as well as seek out the cubs to kill.
  9. The Buffalo has an exceptional memory and are known to ambush hunters that have wounded them.
  10. If an elephant never forgets then a buffalo never forgives. Buffalo have attacked people that harmed them years ago.


Written by: Tersha van Staden