Kruger National Park

The Bubble Cow

  1. The Hippo is the most dangerous animal in Africa. Moody Hippos are responsible for the death of 2,900 people annually in Africa. Less than 1 person per year is killed by a shark in Florida!
  2. The common Hippo is the third largest animal in Africa. Elephants being the first and Rhinos come in the second place.
  3. Hippos will travel on land for 10km or even more in very dry seasons to find food. They usually spend five hours grazing a night (in good conditions) and boy do they love grass! They can consume an average 68 kg (150 lbs) of grass in just one night.
  4. Hippos can hold their breath for a maximum of 7 minutes but most surface every 3 to 5 minutes. They even do this while asleep. Wait for a few minutes and we promise you will get that perfect photo!
  5. Old folklore believed that Hippos sweat blood, but it is not true! It is an oily reddish substance that acts as a sunblock, moisturizer, and an antiseptic. Don’t ask to lend the Hippo’s sunblock if you forgot yours…

Written by Tersha van Staden