Kruger National Park

Call Of Summer – Woodland Kingfisher

In the Bushveld, the Woodland Kingfisher’s call is known to be the call of summer, as it is one of the first birds that migrate. Their call is unmistakable, it begins with a loud high note that is flowed by trills until it weakens away.

The Woodland Kingfisher is a stunning bird with bright blue wings and a beautiful song. They have a dark stripe over both eyes that make them look like a small ninja and when you see them fly, the resemblance is even more clear.

Contrary to the name, the Woodland Kingfisher rarely eats fish and form part of the non-fishing group. This proud bird prefers to dive down into the water from branches to catch insects and small vertebrates like snakes, frogs, and even small birds. Once its prey is caught, the bird will beat its meal to death.

During courtship, both the male and female will sit on a branch with their wings outstretched. After breeding, the female will bay 2 to 4 eggs and after two weeks, when the chicks hatch, both parents will care for and feed them.

The Woodland Kingfisher plunges into water daily and for a photographer to capture this magnificent site, truly shows immense skill. We could find very few photos of this dive on the internet and when we did they were low quality. We challenge you as a photographer to show your skills in capture this beauty on camera!

Written by Tersha van Staden