Kruger National Park

The Pyjama Donkey

Scientific name: Equus quagga

The Zebra is known for its charming black and white stripy coat. These coats are unique to each individual zebra and foals recognise their mothers by the pattern of her stripes, her scent and her call. A zebra’s coat also possesses the ability to disperse more than 70% of the incoming heat, to protect the animal from Africa’s violent sun.

The zebra can gallop up to 65km p/h and their foals can start running with the herd a few hours after birth. When they decide to catch some ZZZ’s it is usually done standing upright with the safety of numbers. Zebras and blue wildebeest might seem to be partners in crime when you see them in large numbers travelling together but this is because they have teamed up to create a larger herd, making them all less vulnerable to predators. So, it is no surprise that Zebras face a 1,800-mile migration with blue wildebeest every year, between the Serengeti in Tanzania and Kenya’s Masai Mara in search of food.

So why do these donkeys wear pyjamas? Their stripes act as bug repellent because the monochrome pattern help throws off the visual systems of flies. Their coat also works as camouflage between trees and in long grass (surprising I know).

Written by:  Tersha van Staden